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Amerika is a multidisciplinary humanities journal publishing research on memories, identities and territories in the English, French, Portuguese and Spanish-speaking Americas. The journal is dedicated to debates on the specificities of American people in a space of open and moving frontiers. The journal focuses on America since the 19th century, but diachronic contributions on current issues are also welcomed.
Amerika is published by the ERIMIT (Équipe de Recherches Interlangues: Mémoires, Identités, Territoires). Articles are selected, after a call for papers, by an international academic committee. The journal accepts contributions in French, in English, in Portuguese and in Spanish.

Latest issue
15 | 2016
Coup d’état en Argentine et Guerre des Malouines

Langages de la mémoire, traumatisme et tournants de l’histoire
Coup d’état en Argentine et Guerre des Malouines
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